Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3 more days, 3 more days until we get our new baby!! One of these little girls will be ours! I can't wait! I LOVE animals! I LOVE puppies to no end! And I will LOVE my puppy even more than that! She will be a girl and I am not sure what her name will be. I think we will wait until we meet her and get to know her before we officially name her. I know whatever we decide upon I want it to mean something to me-that is why I am leaning towards Grace or Karma. I like Izzie because John came up with it and that was when I knew he would be on board with a new dog. But I am not sure it speaks to me the way I need it to. So I will keep you posted.
I can't wait to bring her to meet my Dad because truth be told, he is the reason I am getting a new dog. My Dad put down one of their dogs when Faith, his wife died a year and a half ago. And then in Dec, 2 weeks after he was diagnosed with cancer Maggie, his chocolate lab was dignosed with cancer. We did what we could to keep her comfortable but it progressed so fast that on Dec 29th he had to put her down too-the last thing he shared with Faith. It was a sad day for him.

So this puppy is for him in a way. The renewal of life, and how it keeps moving. I hope this dog can in a sense be therapy for him as well. She will be accompanying me on my weekly visits and my hope is she gets him living again-right now he seems to just sit in his chair-waiting to die. So naming her-this little pup-is very important to me. It isn't just about a cute little puppy name-it is about creating memories with my Dad that I will remember long after he is gone-so that is why I need it to mean something and be very special:)