Friday, November 6, 2009

Who Am I And What Am into and Up to these days...

First off-Thank you Astaryth for putting me as an entry in your world famous blog! I got a few readers because of it and realize that they must really trust you and your opinion because they started to follow me based on a real downer of an first entry of sorts after being away! Thank you new followers:) Also let me apologize for having no clue to make my pics go where I want them in blogger-still waiting to get LiveWriter to work correctly! So forgive me if these pics are EVERYWHERE they are not supposed to be! UGH!

I wanted to jump right into my blog again but I got rather sick and had no motivation. I am better now! Yea!
I want to blog again because I want to connect again with old friends and make some new ones AND most importantly I want to share my pictures with everyone and learn learn learn how to take better pictures! I also enjoy writing and sharing my life with others:)
I have seen some amazing photographers here in "blogging" land so I thought what better place to share my photos and get help and advice from all of the wonderful people in this blogging community!
But first I just wanted to share a few pics of mine so you can get to know me! Now remember I am no professional and have LOTS to learn and only got my camera and lenses in July! But I have ALWAYS had a passion for picture taking just never the wallet to buy a good digital SLR. Through a series of unfortunate events (my step Mom passing and 18 mo later my Dad) I now have a Nikon D 80 and two lenses (Sigma 17mm-70mm 1:2.8-4.5 and a Sigma 70mm-200mm 1:2.8 ) About 15 years ago hubby bought me a Pentax K 1000 so I used that through the years but never really understood what I was doing with Fstops and apertures! If I got a good picture it was surely by chance!!!

Now I have a digital camera and find myself loving photography again with even more passion! I love digital photography because I can take and take pictures and even if they don't come out good I can fix em up later on my computer! But-I want to be better at taking them and understanding why they came out good or bad so I don't need to fix them later in the photo shop elements program I don't know how to use very well;)

First, we are a MotoX family! Every weekend May through Sept we go to the track and my 12 year old and 10 year old son race. So I have lots of opportunities to take action shots! (Hence the zoom lense)
Then up there somewhere you will see Ben, my oldest in the tree and Jack my youngest on the beach! I love this photo! We call in "The Hoff" because he looks like David Hasslehoff running on the beach in Bay watch! LOL Then the Mill Fire we had here this past summer. Just random but a great chance to shoot a burning building! Sadly, it was set and one of my areas many old mills lost.
Tomorrow I will be doing my own amateur photo shoot with my family. I need lots of practice on portrait photography and it is going to be a nice warm day here in Maine. So if anyone has some advice PLEASE advise me! I am open and ready to receive all of your infinite wisdom!!!!! Including how to make my pictures go where I want them in Blogger!!!! lol
Have a great day everyone!!!!


Indigo said...

Amazing pictures. Unfortunately,I have absolutely no advice. I used a canon digital before it got dropped in the water bowl. I'm missing my camera, but it'll be some time before I get another one.

I'm just one of those point and click and hope something comes out of it people. If the track your sons race at has a newsletter maybew they'll welcome a few of your shots. They're most certainly professional enough. (Hugs)Indigo

ambradream said...

Indigo, you are FAR too kind! I am very critical of myself and expect the photos I take to be top notch! And ofcourse I did post a few "best" shots! lol You don't see the 300 bad ones! But thank you thank you! And some people who have the point and shoot type cameras can still take crappy pics so give yourself some credit!

Chris said...

If you want to get better with portrait photography, get yourself a prime 50mm lens. I got one for only $135. You have some nice fast lenses there with the ones you have, compared to mine.

I have a few tips on my photoblog but certainly don't know everything. I'm not taking classes again until spring.