Saturday, November 14, 2009


I heard this saying a few years ago from my favorite Spiritual Teacher-Wayne Dyer.

FEAR-False Evidence Appearing Real

I used to have that written down in my little notebook when I waited tables at this new high class restaurant here in my town. It was very overwhelming to me at first because I felt like I didn’t know all about this fancy menu with all these fancy “paints” and menu items. My first reaction was, “I cannot do this!” Now I knew how to wait tables but I didn’t know how to talk about fancy Sashimi and  Herb Encrusted Salmon.

So I put this saying in my little book that I took orders in. It helped tremendously-when I got scared or felt like I was going to totally screw up I read that and then thought, “I can do this”.

Did that little saying totally make me flawless and THE best server ever? Well, NO, not even close. But it helped me push past “the Fear” of the unknown until I indeed KNEW it and could approach a table with confidence and knowledge. The saying “Fake It, till you make it goes a long way.”

I did indeed become a great Server at this Great Restaurant for a couple of years.And the times when I was put on the spot with a question I could not answer? Well, honestly and a smile go a long way too!

Which brings me to here and now at this time in my life.

FEAR-I am afraid to try something new. I am afraid that I don’t know enough yet. I am afraid I won’t have all the right answers. I am afraid people will think I suck. I am afraid I will screw up. I am afraid…

You get the idea-I could go on and on about My Fears~

So I have decided to adopt that saying again into my brain regarding My photography. I want to become FEARLESS!

And it all starts in MY BRAIN!



Kittie Howard said...

Yep, it's in the brain! Enjoyed your blog/honesty.

Bea said...

So did you try this new thing that you said you were afraid of? My favorite saying about stepping into unknown places goes something like this: Faith is stepping from the edge everything you have ever known, into the darkness of the unknown, knowing that either one of two things will happen: you will land on solid ground,... or you will be given wings to fly!

Something like that... it always inspires me when I start something new and unfamiliar. Faith conquers fear! I hope this helps you as it does for me.