Friday, December 4, 2009

My loves-Molly who just turned 7 and Izzi...oh my counter top surfing, trash eating, underwear, eating love bug puppy who was 9 months on Dec 8th. It is a good thing she is so cute and lovable because I tell you......
She is a Puppy-she does what puppies do-like tonight-she ate all of the Papa Johns breadsticks in 3 seconds flat!
I am working on getting Live Writer up and running-otherwise I would have been posting more. For some reason it works but not for pictures and what fun is that! I am really anxious to share more with you all with some fancy frames etc but for now this will have to do! I meet with my (PAID) computer guy on Monday I hope to get this figured out! ( I said PAID because I and a friend-we all know-have tried everything but no luck! So now I am willing to dish out some cash to get me on track!
I think I may have sold the Lobster Boat (My Dad's- given to me when he died-long story....) and federal permit. I'm not going to count my chickens just yet but it is looking promising. A weight off my shoulders for sure! another headache in the long run-chasing money from my estranged Bro but if he doesn't pay-well then I guess I own a house too. (I pray it will never have to come to that though)
Please keep reading-I promise I will get more exciting! Right now I am just trying to "learn" myself in photography and Photoshop!And to top that all off Blogging all over again!!!!! As well as trying to run a household and my husband's business. Exercise, which used to be pretty important to me-has gone right out the window for now-got to change that on Monday;)
Stick with me-I promise I won't let you down!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Kittie Howard said...

Take your time...we're blood pressure rose when I read about your Bro...I've got one, too....grrrr! :) Happy you sold the lobster must be in New hubs from New Hampshire...we're going up for Christmas, from Virginia...can't wait to tuck into a Lobster Roll, maybe two (not at same time) Maine!

Gayla said...

Hi There,
I use Live Writer and have for the longest time. I would be lost without it. If you need any help with getting pictures up, give me a shout ok? I would be glad to help. Once you get the pictures working, it's awesome!!!!
Love your cute :)

Western Wisconsin, said...

Happy New Year!

Bea said...

You know, Astaryth, if it's photography you are really interested in (and I can see that it is...beautiful dogs!), have you ever checked out Greg's photo website?

He gives great photo tips at one of his blog sites. While I was at aol journals, I followed his (and yours and many others) more closely and regularly than I do now. I'm trying to make a comeback, though.

Good luck!!